ASBN Straw Bale and Earth/Clay/Lime Workshops 2020


For the year 2020 we have separated theory and practical workshops:

Building families/builders/self-builders/DIY workshops:
target group/themes: You want to build a straw bale house yourself or thermally renovate an existing house, or at least help or plan to do so. You want to know how much it costs, where it makes sense to cooperate, what you are allowed to do yourself, how to start such a project, what a straw bale house and its construction looks like and where you can get the materials for it. Our clay building professional Toni Auer will also show you what you can do with clay and how beautiful it can be. Then sign up for our introductory workshop (with the possibility of a subsequent practical workshop) on straw bale construction and clay/lime rendering:

Friday 31. July – Sunday 2. August, EN/DE; focus: clay/earth construction/therm. renovation, start Fr. 12:00, end Sun. 13:00, 3720 Ravelsbach, Baierdorf 6, the workshop will take place mostly outdoors, we will show the construction techniques of straw bale construction and earthen building on-site showing our own straw bale house as an example and plan a/your project together on Saturday (what you have to pay attention to if you want to renovate/extend/insulate a house). If possible, bring your laptop.

The additional participation in a practical workshop on straw bale building and clay/loam rendering is free of charge for participants of these introductory workshops:

Dates for 5-13-day practical workshops Straw Bale Filling, Clay and Lime Plaster on Straw Building Sites (participation subject to availability, limited):

Next PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS (all workshops DE/EN)
All practice modules are subject to weather and corona-related changes.
Lime plaster on wrapping Practice: August 03-12, 2020 (1 workshop all days or parts thereof)
03-05 August 2020, Gmünd/NÖ, start 12:00 in Neunagelberg border crossing CZ directly opposite border office (base plaster/1. layer with Gräfix Pajalith spray plaster)
04 August 2020, Halbthurn/Bgld. (base plaster 1st layer with Gräfix Pajalith spray plaster), start 12:00
05. August 2020: 3720 Ravelsbach, Baierdorf 6 (base plaster 1st layer with handmade lime putty), start 9:00

10-11 August 2020: Gmünd/NÖ, start 12:00 in Neunagelberg border crossing CZ directly opposite customs office (fine plaster/2. layer with Gräfix Pajalith spray plaster)
12 August 2020, Halbthurn/Bgld. (fine plaster 2nd layer with Gräfix Pajalith spray plaster), start 11:00-12:00

Infill-Workshop theory and practice: 18-24 September 2020, start Fr. 12:00
Working with and processing of straw bales, construction of a wooden stand construction with window, straw bale infill, production of exemplary wall sections (to show all details), planking with Agepan DWD and diagonal formwork, installation of reed structure, masking and insulating the window with hemp, partly hand plaster with clay (rough plaster)

Contribution towards expenses (incl. overnight stay in tent, pension or mattress in house and practical workshop, meals: cost-sharing):

1 person: € 250,-
1 pair: € 380,- (these can also be friends)
Students: € 190,-

Comments: Each participant will receive a confirmation of participation and an invoice at the end of the workshop. Therefore please indicate the complete address as it should appear on the invoice.

Please register at (Herbert Gruber, asbn): You will receive an e-mail with details and the account number of the ASBN.

Cancellation: after payment of the workshop fees and thus fixed reservation, a refund of the full amount is only possible until 3 weeks before the workshop starts. In case of a later cancellation, we keep half of the paid amount. In case of cancellation from 1 week before workshop start, we keep the full amount (because we have no possibility to find a replacement).