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STEP – Straw Bale Building Training for European Professionals – is a professional straw bale building training in theory and practice according to ECVET. Languages of instruction are German and English. The training is divided into 8 online theory modules and 4 practical modules, you can do the STEP Training ONLINE by yourself, participate in the Workshops via ZOOM or in the Training Centre and on Building Site Practical Workshops. So you have maximum flexibility: learn what you need and when you can.

STEP Training 2022 2023

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THEORY UNITS (with introductory practice) at the Virtual Construction Site in Ravelsbach or Online, with or without Zoom-Workshop

Everything you need in terms of knowledge (competence) to build a solid, sustainable, long-lasting straw bale house and to avoid mistakes. The theory modules – except for the STEP 5 – FINISHES module (at the Virtual Construction Site in Ravelsbach in Lower Austria) – will be attended as ONLINE or ZOOM workshops and January to March 2023 in Portugal (in winter) at the training centre on fixed dates. You can learn all 8 modules on our ACTeco learning platform with numerous learning videos before or after the course. All theory days (8 hours each) are entered in your theory certificate. As soon as you have completed all 8 modules, you can take the final exam (written and oral).

PRACTICAL UNITS (on real Straw Bale Building-Sites)

To become a certified straw bale professional, you need proof of at least 20 completed STEP practical days in addition to the theory. The practical exam is integrated into the training. All practical days (8 hours each) are entered in your practical certificate. You can arrange these individually according to your time budget and the availability of practical workshops. You can also do the practice spread over 2 or more years.

The practice workshops cannot be held online. You can already book the practice modules, but we have to postpone or cancel them if they cannot take place with at least 5 participants due to a lockdown or entry restrictions.


For Solists: STEP ONLINE – self initiated learning

he complete STEP training (8 theory modules) in an online course for self-learning with free time management and no deadline pressure. Can be booked as a monthly subscription or as a complete package (without expiry date). Practical modules can be added as required. With (ECVET) examination and European Certificate of Attendance.

Advantage: You are absolutely free in your time management and take as long as you want. Our best offer.

Disadvantage: You have to motivate yourself and don’t have a team to exchange with (only a trainer you can ask personally). You have to book practice modules individually as needed and pay extra.

Monthly subscription: € 110 / € 85 /month for students and unemployed. Can be cancelled monthly.
Unlimited (as often and as long as you want) package: € 1.100 / € 850 for students and unemployed persons


You can book straw bale practical modules individually (depending on your needs) (€ 50 / € 30 registration fee per practical workshop).

asbn members receive a 10% discount on all prices!

For Team-Player: STEP ZOOM in online Team-Workshops

You don’t like to travel or only do so when necessary, you can’t be away for long because of your family or your job, you want to save time and still work in a team, make contacts and exchange ideas. Our Zoom workshops do not consist of endless lectures (which you can watch in the video before or after) but of stimulating discussions and a lot of collaboration. Bookable as a complete package or in 10 monthly instalments. Practical modules can be added as needed. With European Certificate of Attendance.

Advantage: You don’t always have to motivate yourself and you have a team to exchange with, you can ask questions directly or share your opinion.

Disadvantage: The Zoom workshops take place on fixed dates, so you can miss one or two modules and catch up online, but this option is more structured in terms of time.

In 10 monthly installments € 170 / € 130 for students and unemployed
Complete Package: € 1.680 / € 1.300 for students and unemployed


You can book straw bale practical modules individually (depending on your needs) (€ 50 / € 30 registration fee per practical workshop).

Complete Package for Team Players with Practice: STEP CERTIFIED

A combination of theory and practice, incl. online courses to listen to before or after, Zoom sessions of your choice if you don’t want to or can’t travel, (free) practice modules as often and as much as you need.

Your path to becoming a certified straw buiding professional. 400 hours in theory and practice at a reduced package price. Ideal as comprehensive further training for self-builders, craftsmen and planners as well as retraining and professional reorientation. With European performance and practice certificate „Certified Straw Bale Builder“

Advantage: Always a mixture of theory and demonstrative practice in the group, in the team. Learning through play. Listen, feel, see. After the final exam you are a „Certified Straw Bale Builder“.

Disadvantage: Several trips to building site workshops, greater time requirement. Therefore especially recommended if you take time off and fully concentrate on this study, the practice and the team.

Costs (incl. Building-Practice):
In 10 monthly installments € 300 / € 250 for students and unemployed
Complete Package: € 2.900 / € 2.500 for students and unemployed



STEP by STEP: You can also book each STEP module individually, with or without practice and as an ONLINE course or with Zoom workshops. To try it out, to put together your own personal programme, because the complete STEP training is too time-consuming … You can upgrade at any time at a reduced package price (see above).

STEP IN DIY: New construction or renovation – with the know-how from our self-build packages you lay a solid foundation for your own straw building project. All modules can be booked with or without Practice and as an ONLINE course or with ZOOM workshops.

STEP PRO: the package especially for planners and building professionals who already have previous knowledge. But also for all those who want to (co-)design their dream house themselves. All modules can be booked with or without Practice and as an ONLINE course or with ZOOM workshops.


Accommodation during the 3-5-day combined, introductory theory-practice workshops (STEP 2/4 and STEP 5): You can sleep (in a shared room) in our straw bale house, eat (breakfast/lunch/dinner), shower (2 bathrooms) and do your laundry in our training centre, all this for € 25,-/day (sometimes food is cooked for you, sometimes we cook together ourselves). The introductory workshops take place in Ravelsbach. See our Gallery of the Virtual Building Site.
At practical building sites, accommodation (in shared rooms) and meals are already included in the package price for STEPpers who book the STEP CERTIFIED complete package and are therefore free of charge. Single rooms can be booked for an additional charge in nearby guesthouses. Overnight stays are also almost always possible in your own camper or tent.


Final Assessment for „Certified Straw Bale Builders
Written and oral Test (also against agreement): € 170 / € 120 for Students and unemployed (Examination fees are already included and therefore free of charge in the complete STEP CERTIFIED package.)


Follow this link to the Registration for STEP-Training

Languages: English/Deutsch, Dates: see Calender/time-schedule


STEP Training on our Online-Learnplattform ACTeco (Learning Outcomes Deutsch/English)