Content: History and modern straw bale construction, adaptation & handling: quality, orientation, measuring, processing, dividing, tying, cutting and incising bales; density, moisture, tools for straw bale construction and storage of bales.

The Lessons:


Trainees can

  • check the quality of construction straw bales
  • process the bales in the correct orientation
  • measure the bales (dimension, moisture, weight)
  • adjust and square the bales
  • divide and rebind the bales
  • cut and trim the bales
  • determine the bulk density and moisture content of the bales
  • handle the tools and machines used in straw bale construction
  • store the bales in a dry and well ventilated place.

Single Price: 3 days Theory and Practice in Trainingscentre or as ZOOM Workshop + ONLINE Larning Platform: € 290 / € 220 for students and unemployed people
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