Content: Basics of solar architecture, standards for new construction and renovation, building materials, cost estimation, details, sketching a design and construction plan, avoiding and rectifying errors and damage in straw bale construction.

The Lessons


Trainees can

  • understand the principles of solar architecture
  • apply national energy standards in practice
  • assess and select appropriate building materials
  • estimate the costs of a straw bale house
  • understand a plan with technical details
  • sketch a design with correct dimensions
  • sketch a construction plan
  • execute details according to the sketches
  • Understand and correct the most common mistakes and damages in straw bale construction.

Single Price: 6 days Theory and Practice in Trainingscentre + ONLINE Learning Platform: € 480 / € 360 for students and unemployed people

Your advantage as couple/friends: the second person pays the reduced price!
10% discount with asbn membership

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