Content: Review of existing buildings and checklist, overview of wrapping and insulation methods (straw bales in CUT hybrid construction, tied to the wall or stretched; straw layers fixed with battens, boards, pallets, panels; prefabricated modules), surfaces, interior insulation and building physics.



Trainees can

  • handle tools and machines for wrapping and plan a wall
  • assess and avoid hazards on the construction site
  • check the condition of the existing construction and its suitability for wrapping
  • apply the different wrapping and insulation methods and explain the advantages and disadvantages
  • format and fix the bales and form a flat wall by plugging the gaps
  • carry out basic skills for making timber structures and foundations

Single Price: 5 days Theory and Practice in Trainingscentre or as ZOOM Workshop + ONLINE Larning Platform: € 480 / € 360 for students and unemployed persons

5 days practical workshop for STEPpers:
€ 50/€ 30 for students and unemployed + € 25/day for meals/accommodation

Your advantage as a couple: the second person pays the reduced price!
10% discount with asbn membership

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