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STEP IN DIY – New building or renovation combi packages

vorgestellt von Herbert Gruber


STEP 2 straw bales in timber frame construction methods (Infill/CUT/Prefab) + STEP 5 surfaces (clay (fine) plaster as well as lime plaster, cladding) | Ideal for building families who would like to realise their building project with as much personal contribution as possible.


STEP 4 Wrapping (thermal refurbishment with straw bales) + STEP 5 Surfaces (clay and lime plaster, cladding) | Ideal for thermal refurbishment projects where as much as possible is to be done in-house.

STEP ONLINE: (interactive online course for self-learning, without Zoom workshops): 2 modules at a combined price of € 580 / € 440 for students and unemployed.
STEP PRACTICE: You can book individual practical workshops or workshop days (at least 3 in a row): € 70/day or € 55/day for students and unemployed.
STEP CERTIFIED Combi package2 modules incl. 2 × 5 days of practice incl. board and lodging*: € 1.990 / € 1.490 for students and unemployed persons

Your advantage as a couple: The second person pays the reduced price!
10% reduction
as asbn-member

*If you have your own accommodation, you get a discount of € 10/day.

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Über den Autor

Herbert Gruber

Netzwerker seit der Gründung des ASBN 1999, Obmann des ASBN seit 2006, Buchautor (Bauen mit Stroh, Neues Bauen mit Stroh), Gesellschafter von StrohTec (Österreichs erster Strohbaufirma), hat in Ravelsbach im Zuge eines Haus der Zukunft plus-Projektes die Virtuelle Stroh-Baustelle ins Leben gerufen, wo seit 2010 regelmäßig Workshops stattfinden. 2015 gründete er die Kooperation StrohNatur, die nun auch Strohballenhäuser (mit und ohne Workshops) errichtet.