Straw Bale Training for European Professionals with certification (STEP)

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Welcome to the second round of Straw Bale Training for European Professionals with certification (STEP). You may register the whole training (400 h) or single Units. Language: English/German.

Short Overview of the next Units 2018 (Unit 2-5 consist of THEORY and min 5-day PRACTICE):

Unit 1 (INTRO) Theory: 21.-23. February 2018, Ravelsbach

Unit 2 (INFILL) Theory: 26. Feb.-2. March 2018, Ravelsbach
Unit 2 Practice: 26.-30. March (Infill)/-6. April 2018 (Plasters, 5-10 days), Goggendorf/NÖ

Unit 3 (LOAD BEARING) Theory: 9.-13. April 2018, Valencia (please book your flights April 8-21)
Unit 3 Practice: 16.-20. April Valencia (please book your flights April 8-21)

Unit 4 (WRAPPING) Theory: 14.-17. May 2018, Ravelsbach
Unit 4 Practice: appr. 13.-20./27. July 2018, DE

Unit 5 (FINISHES, PLASTERS) Theory: 3.-7. September 2018, Ravelsbach
Unit 5 Practice: appr. 13.-17. August 2018, Ravelsbach or Ernstbrunn

Unit 6 (BUILDING PHYSICS): 17.-21. September 2018 (Extra Unit Heating/Energy Autarky: 24.-26. Sept.), Ravelsbach

Unit 7 (DESIGN+ INSTALLATION): 22.-26. October 2018, Ravelsbach

Unit 8 (COMMUNICATION, CALCULATION): 21.-23. November 2018, Ravelsbach

Final Assessments: 24./25. November 2018 (or by agreement), Ravelsbach

Theory- and Practical Units all start at 12:00. Attention: (Basic) accommodation and food are included in the practice sites, in theory modules, the fees for food are shared (we cook here).

FAQs (Trainers, questions & answers)

Here you see photos of last years STEP Training:

Über den Autor

Herbert Gruber

Herbert Gruber

Netzwerker seit der Gründung des ASBN 1999, Obmann des ASBN seit 2006, Buchautor (Bauen mit Stroh, Neues Bauen mit Stroh), Gesellschafter von StrohTec (Österreichs erster Strohbaufirma), hat in Ravelsbach im Zuge eines Haus der Zukunft plus-Projektes die Virtuelle Stroh-Baustelle ins Leben gerufen, wo seit 2010 regelmäßig Workshops stattfinden. 2015 gründete er die Kooperation StrohNatur, die nun auch Strohballenhäuser (mit und ohne Workshops) errichtet.