Reason of the travel:

  • to find a place for a second STEP Training during winter time 2023 in Algarve (Castro Marim) – successful
  • to help people building straw bale houses in Portugal
  • to establish a building/restauration team (with alvara)
  • to buy a plot of land for a first straw bale house project
  • to look for places for an eco-community

Travel Austria-Germany-France-Spain-Portugal: Station – Biarritz, France

Travel: Station – Bilbao (Guggenheim Museum), Spain

Architect: Frank Gehry
Building Style: Deconstructivism, Modern Architecture, Expressionism
Architectural Offices: Frank Gehry, Gehry Partners, LLP

Station 2: Porto (AirBNB Skarf Boat)

Station 3: Cascais/Sintra (Area Lisbon): typical roof-tiles, first Meeting with Karsten Barth, Roger Peak (wants to build a small farm – Quinta, 100m2 on a 2-5ha land) and Catarina Pinto, Architect (Terrapalha), who wants to build a 3storey partly SB-house in Sintra (maybe just 1 storey in straw bale)

Mike’s Photos:

Catarina Pinto’s project in Sintra

Station 4: South of Lisbon/Azeitao – Meeting with Sofia/Juan
Sofia and Juan (2 children, age 11/14) want to build a 6x10m straw bale community house with hip roof on pillars (60m2) in May/June and later a 150m2 SB private house on „ruins“

Station 5: South of Lisbon, coast area

Station 6: Karstens plot of land with ruins

Station 7: Tamera, Meeting with Christoph, photo: Wikipedia

Mike’s Photos Tamera:

Station 8: area near Spanish border, visit of land with ruin (house too small)

Station 9: Meeting with Rosa, her brother and architects Pedro Melo, Pedro Quintino Rogato in Quinta da Fornalha, São Bartolomeu do Sul, Castro Marim (Link), 3,6km from the coast/beach in Castro Marim, Algarve
Possibility to offer STEP Trainings Jan-March 2023 and following years, 10 rooms with bathroom, each with 3 beds, kitchen

Station 10: Beach in Castro Marim (3,6km from Quinta de Fornalha)

Station 11: Area Odeleite (Rosa’s recommendation for land with ruins), but too shady for winter

Station 12: Beach in Cabanes de Tavira (looking for land and most beautiful coast)

Station 13: Foz de Odeleite – looking for land to build an eco-community

90.000 €8.960 m² building land with river-view
75.000 €8.960 m²
Land with direct access to river Guadiana (house boat, sailing boat)

Station 14: Botelhas, Castro Marim, ca. 10km from coast, 6km from Rosa (looking for land for eco-community)

160.000 € 88.140 m²
(possible building area: 2000m2)
Remax: € 125.000, 3,7ha
(possible building area: 440m2)
hilly, more photos: Mischa
ruins without land in Botelhas
Photos see gallery below,
contact: Peter

Station 15: Algarve South Coast – Albufeira – Lagos – Sagres

Lagos, Algarve, South coast

Station 16: Carrepateira, west coast

Station 17: Obidos, Casa 40th – Music Wood House (AirBNB)