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Your Donation for 20 Years of Straw Bale Building

Herbert Gruber
vorgestellt von Herbert Gruber

The non-profit association, asbn, celebrates 20 years of straw bale building in Austria. A reason to celebrate. But also a reason to look back: We are working on the more than 170-page, bilingual anniversary special edition „20 years of straw bale building“, with the highlights from 20 years, an extensive photo section on the history of straw bale building in Austria, details on technology and construction, information on our practical building sites (straw bale houses) and projects such as STEP (European Straw Bale Building Training), Jump! (Training for Change), Vivihouse (straw construction panel system for multi-storey buildings), ActEco (online learning platform for eco-building), but also about our future plans and services.

The year 2020 was exceptional in every respect. Due to numerous registrations for our annual STEP course, we had to expand and enlarge, then switch to online training, construction sites were cancelled or postponed, financially the year took us to our limits.

Yes, asbn needs your financial help. Support our non-profit association and show us your solidarity with straw bale construction, with asbn. Help us with a donation: we will use your help for the benefit and well-being of straw bale building, for our educational work and training and information about techniques and (self-)building possibilities. You will receive our heartfelt thanks and also a 1-year membership and the 170-page special edition „20 years straw bale building“.

You can find out more about the possibilities of support here or on page 2 in our magazine preview (below):

20 Jahre Strohballenbau

PS: As a member of asbn you will get 10% discount on asbn consultations and all our workshops for 1 year.

It remains for me to thank you with this review and outlook
for 20 wonderful years of straw bale building,

Sincerely, yours
Herbert Gruber

Our preview of the more than 170-page anniversary special edition „20 years of straw bale building“:

Seen enough? If not, you are welcome to come back, with every donation this magazine grows. You are welcome to share or forward this page or the preview. The download is not possible, neither is the printing, but that’s what our crowdfunding campaign is for. Convinced?

If you want to support us, please fill in the following fields on the form (we only need your address for membership or to send you a printed copy).

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    Über den Autor

    Herbert Gruber

    Herbert Gruber

    Netzwerker seit der Gründung des ASBN 1999, Obmann des ASBN seit 2006, Buchautor (Bauen mit Stroh, Neues Bauen mit Stroh), Gesellschafter von StrohTec (Österreichs erster Strohbaufirma), hat in Ravelsbach im Zuge eines Haus der Zukunft plus-Projektes die Virtuelle Stroh-Baustelle ins Leben gerufen, wo seit 2010 regelmäßig Workshops stattfinden. 2015 gründete er die Kooperation StrohNatur, die nun auch Strohballenhäuser (mit und ohne Workshops) errichtet.